Objective          Full-time Software Engineering position in an innovative company providing superior challenges and opportunities.

9/11-Present      Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
B.S. Computer Science - Systems, expected 6/15.
Coursework includes compilers, operating systems, security and probability.
Cumulative GPA: 3.64.
Stanford in Berlin, Germany, 9/13-12/13

6/14-9/14           Nokia HERE -- Engineering Intern -- Berlin
Developed Android mobile NFC payment consumer application. Responsible for application and server development from design to implementation. Supported customer introduction at international trade fair. Worked with Android, Java, PHP.
6/13-9/13           Twitter -- Engineering Intern – San Francisco
Developed machine learning system for Revenue Targeting team that matches ads with users. Tools included Scala/Scalding, Python, Liblinear.
9/12-6/13           oDesk -- Match Team Software Engineer (part time)
Continued log management project on paid basis through the school year.
7/12-8/12           oDesk -- Research Engineer Intern -- Redwood City
Created log aggregation and analysis toolchain for server and application logs. Utilized open source technologies such as Apache Flume, Hadoop, and Apache Pig, as well as Amazon EMR, Amazon Web Services and Java.
3/11-5/11           Independent Project
Developed a microcontroller-based autonomous car built from an RC hobby frame, combining embedded system development with infrared proximity sensing and path discovery. Journal and video available on personal website (above).
6/10-8/10           Svaya Nanotechnologies -- Lab Intern -- Sunnyvale
Designed and developed materials control information system in Microsoft Access. Provided general laboratory assistance.
6/09-8/09           Programming Assistant
Assisted Stanford Business School lecturer in prototype development of iOS applications as course supplements.

Additional Information
·         Proficient in C++, C, Java
·         Contributor to open-source communities of Apache Flume and Apache Pig
·         Proficient in German
·         Member, Stanford Men’s Club Basketball, 2011-present. Financial Officer 2013-present